Friday, November 18, 2016

11/18/16   i had a good day today so i slept in my brothers room last night and when i woke up omg t was bright in the room so i covered the windows with my pillows and went back to sleep and then like an hour later i woke up again and went down stairs and ate a muffins  and then my mom asked me f i wanted to bake some thing so i said sure so i went to go wash my hands to start baking so we got my french cook book and made something called long cat weird i know and it didn't work out right but i still tasted good and then like always i went up stairs and made a YouTube video and then went back down stairs and played puppy with my little sister that was fun for me because i was the dog i love her so much then my brother wanted to go to one of his friends houses so he went to all of his friends houses and non of them could play but then are mom said call some of them so he did and one of his friends could play so his friend came over and played with him i think they haa fun i couldn't tell because half the time they were yelling at each other so could not tell but they sure were loud  could here them in my room with mine craft on my TV and my door shut so ya they were loud but that was OK lets move on then i got on my tablet and played mine craft but my tablet died so i couldn't play on it but that was OK then i got in the shower and then got dressed and brushed my hair and i got ready for the day and we had to go because we had to take my sisters and brothers to their dads House then we went to the store and got some stuff for thanks giving yum  and we came home and my papa/grandpa was there so my parents left and i don't know why i guess it was a secret but that brings it to now and I'm blogging to you guys thank you guys for reading my blogs  bye :]😍💗💖💕💝😋😊😉😍

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